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EI Approaches in the          classroom

EI approaches in the classroom are a great way for teachers to enjoy their work and provide a good learning experience for our students. With Emotionally Intelligent approaches teachers can create a unique environment with their students where there is proper communication, collaboration and cooperation and have a better outcome in results. As educators it is our job to help nurture our growing society by providing unique perspectives to our students. 

EI is Emotional Intelligence (2)_edited.


About Teri Larbi

I am an El Paso native with a BS in Psychology and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to my education and a unique upbringing I have had the opportunity to grow alongside children I have worked with from toddlers in preschool to the young adults in high school. Through my 30 years of experience I have realized in todays world all students are at risk and no child should be left behind. I endeavor to work with professionals who are interested in creating an authentic dynamic in their instruction. Through communication, collaboration and cooperation we can help our students achieve their dreams and goals and aide our growing society. My goal is to get more educators, like myself, to use Emotionally Intelligent approaches on a day to day basis. 

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